Until the sun rises is an on-going, evolving work. It began as a single channel projection (Arles Festival, 2007) and has since evolved into several synchronized, multi screen installations, that are modified and remolded according to both the specifics of each individual exhibition space and the constantly expanding body of pictures (Noorderlicht Gallery, Hollamd, 2009; School Gallery Paris 2010; Singapore Art Museum, 2011).

Original set up - spectators entered a room left in total darkness. On the central wall, images of empty nighttime cityscapes were projected at a constant rhythm. Sporadically, an image of a man appeared on the left wall, the right wall or both. The pictures disappeared almost as suddenly as they appeared. On the main screen, a flow of empty scenes continued to float at its own, slower pace, becoming the visual baseline of a silent soundtrack.

All pictures have been taken in places where at night men wander, look for each other, wait. Daytime, these are parks, school fronts, appartment block’s car parks. At night, they become a maze in which some wander endeslessly, hoping for some chance encounter. They say they come for a no-strings thrill, but what most really wants is warmth, a hug or some kind of communication. They walk alone, hide themselves, wait in the dark, don’t dare to do much, less talk or create any kind of intimacy. When the sun rises, they walk away alone, wanting to forget they ever came. In many ways, this work is about the longing for chance encounter that, in the end, rarely happen.

Although the base of this work is bits of that reality, even if details are precise, most readable context has been purposely left out of the pictures. Viewers can feely associated those fragments, spectators are alone, left to their own device in this dark room without explanation, facing a synchronized ballet of pictures that can trigger emo- tions, fictional narratives, their own memories.

The project has been started and developed by Frenc artist Emmanuel Guillaud but many other artists and wanderers have also co-authored this on going work.

An artist notebook was published last month (Notes on Unfinished Projects, Art Beat Publisher / Heuristic) in Tokyo. It docu- ments the creative process behind Until the Sun Rises, from its premise to future evolutions and avenues yet to be explored.