until the sun rises emmanuel guillaud

From: Emmanuel

To: Joel

date: 29/05/2008


It was really nice to talk with you last week. It took me some time to think through your comments. One of the things I have now realized is that my (ill-thought?) attempt to group pictures in small “movements” of 5 to 10 elements does not really work. It might have if my pictures were more “definitive” ones, rather than fragments – as they are. This led me to think, more generally, about what kind of work I want to build with those pictures. At first, I thought about an exhibition with all photos strictly aligned on one row, playing with the analogy of a movie – like movie stills outside theaters – you get they all relate to the same story but there are bits missing, “in between pictures” that you need to imagine yourself. Then I thought about breaking that one line a bit, like if the movie could break itself apart, offering various possibilities, different non- linear routes. My latest idea is to work in yet another way, scatter the pictures all over one room. Rather than pin them on walls, use the whole space of the room, pictures being hanged from the ceiling, the viewer entering a forest of pictures, facing all directions, having to work his way through them. Pictures are no longer hanged on the wall like in a museum, facing / placed for the viewer but arranged in combinations for themselves, creating their own world – a world the viewer is intruding into. Still thinking about it...

until the sun rises emmanuel guillaud until the sun rises emmanuel guillaud
/// scribbles and emails resulting from exchanges with joel during the making of "until the sun rises"/ extract of "notes on unfinished projects" (heuristic/artbeat publisher / Tokyo)