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"until the sun rises" is an on-going project that has been deeply transformed / altered /made possible by the participation of many. while their involvement differ in nature and depth, all the people listed herebelow should be considered as co-authors of this project rather than mere participants. to reflect this, the website "until the sun rises.net" is independant of the "emmanuel guillaud. info" website. it floats independently on the net, open to various viewpoints on the work and linked to websites of many of the co-authors of this project.

Emmanuel Guillaud (artist) / Joel Denot (artist) / Marion Gronier (photographer) / Jennifer Bonn (sound artist, co-authored of the sound for two versions of the project) / Philippe Chatelain (sound artist, notably co-authored the sound for the August 2009 version) / Takao Kawaguchi (artist / dancer) / Yukio Cho a.k.a Akira The Hustler (artist) / Kai Syng Tan / Kaidie Nondon (artist) / Takano Satoru (video magician) / Nicolas Lelièvre (artist) / Lucille Reyboz (photographer) / Testugo Hyakutake (artist) / Ichiro Awazu(videao magician) / Takami Kiyoshi (book designer) / Charlotte Vincent / Isabelle Regnier / Christian Lengellé / Antoine d'Agata / Mika Sato / Aya Watada / Kazu, Kame, Pierre and all the guys who agreed to be taken into pictures / Those who didn't but were there / Those who were not