notes on unfinished projects  

is / has been exhibited at various events, including

Les Rencontres d'Arles 2012 (Arles Photography Festival) / "books of the year" section

Photobook Show D at the Helsinki Museum of Photography (2012)

Offprint Paris, 2011(with artbeat publishers)

Tokyo Frontline at 3331 (with artbeat publishers)

The Photo / Books Hub Tokyo (with artbeat publishers)





It is also part of the collection of Arles School of Photography's Librairy



is available at

Jeu de Paume (National art galleries), Paris

School Gallery, Paris

gp gallery, Tokyo

NADiff (art book store), Tokyo

g3 gallery, Tokyo



Online (8€ in France, 1000 Yens in Japan) on:

Heuristic site (delivery in Japan only)

Jeu de Paume site (delivery in the rest of the world)












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